Founded in 1998, Ningbo Haoya Import & Export Group Co., Ltd. is a Chinese cross-border e-commerce enterprise with traditional foreign trade. After more than 20 years of development, it has established 10 branches and offices in Yiwu, Shantou, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Xi'an, Wuhan and Qingdao, and established overseas subsidiaries such as the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom and Russia. The business covers more than 150 countries and regions in Europe, America, Australia, Middle East, Africa, South Asia and Southeast Asia. It has nearly 700 employees (including foreign employees) at home and abroad. The Group's product categories include office supplies, household items, kitchen supplies, outdoor products, furniture, home textiles, home appliances, sports equipment, pet supplies, hardware tools, gifts, stationery, toys, musical instruments and auto parts, etc., tens of thousands Kind of product. In 2018, the Group's turnover at home and abroad is expected to exceed US$800 million.

Based on Ningbo's unique port conditions, long-established business atmosphere and mature foreign trade environment, Hooya Group has achieved strategic transformation through the construction of “Overseas Warehouse”. With the development of the Internet economy and the changes in the global trading environment, the Group has expanded from the traditional traditional inbound and outbound trade to cross-border e-commerce. Through the B2B2C model, it has established overseas warehouses in Germany and the United Kingdom, and established logistics centers in the United States and the United States. It has opened up all aspects of product production, shipment, customs declaration, warehousing, sales, distribution and after-sales service to achieve rapid response to market services. At present, the Group's products have also been deployed in the Japanese and Australian markets, and further investigation and deployment have been carried out in emerging markets such as the “Belt and Road” countries and South America. Relying on the “Overseas Warehouse” platform, Hooya Group incubates domestic factories “going out” to realize the sharing of benefits with partners. Good supplier relationship is the source of Hooya Group's exploration. In the past seven years, Hooya Group of “Overseas Warehouse” has continued to invest in construction. Through further cultivation and development of the market, Hooya Group has formed a unique scale advantage and business volume to develop its own business. At the same time, Hooya Group is actively pursuing the greatest value of its supply partners.

Behind the rapid development of Hooya Group, it is inseparable from the support of the Group's talent team and the scientific and refined management. Hooya Group has a team of employees from many countries and regions, multilingual, professional and international. More than 90% of the employees have bachelor degree or above, and the management team has excellent professional background and excellent professional management ability. Extensive management experience in their respective business areas. At the same time, the development of overseas e-commerce requires a large number of professional talents. Hooya Group actively explores overseas electric traders to cultivate new models and achieve sustainable development. Hooya Group adopts the “learning and training independently” model, and continuously creates an efficient and combative operation team through the innovation of business process and information management.

Haoya Group abides by its social responsibilities and actively fulfills the social responsibility of “good citizens”. Hooya Group adheres to the corporate vision of “becoming an expert in global supply chain integration” and the values ??of “honesty and integrity, quality service, innovation, hard work, continuous self-improvement”. With a high sense of social responsibility, we are actively giving back while pursuing corporate development. society. The “4H” Love Fund of the enterprise actively contributes to life and study materials for students from poor mountainous areas, and establishes “Hooya Group Scholarship” and “Hooya Group Scholarship” in some colleges and universities to make a little effort for the growth and success of the students.

In the face of new development, Hooya Group will actively increase investment in overseas markets in the next 3-5 years, with an overseas storage area of ??300,000 square meters, and cultivate and incubate 3,500 Chinese factories' products into the global market for “direct sales”. In the overseas world, we will build a world-class “trade logistics park” combining online and offline numbers. Based on the experience of overseas development for many years, Hooya Group will provide more “one-stop” service and support for Ningbo's more “need-out” factories with the needs and willingness to “go out”, and “incubate” more enterprises. And products, lowering their operational thresholds, reducing overseas business risks, maximizing the value of domestic companies going global, and achieving a win-win situation for Hooya Group's “new retail” model.